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Art Meme!

Everything I've been doing has been portfolio work, so I figured it's time for something I can actually post. Also I procrastinate like a champ. :D (There's some Trek and SGA stuff lurking sullenly too, just as soon as I get my mixed media behemoth finished.)

Twenty Days of Doodles
[Day One: The contents of your bag/purse/manpurse/zombie survival kit] [Day Two: The weirdest place you've ever been][Day Three: Three strangers][Day Four: Five minutes of your day][Day Five: Illustrate a line from a favorite song][Day Six: Your favorite fictional character(s)][Day Seven: a secret][Day Eight: Your latest fascination][Day Nine: Favorite childhood cartoon][Day Ten: Your desert island items][Day Eleven: Predict the future!][Day Twelve: your favorite work of art][Day Thirteen: Self portrait][Day Fourteen: A story, in five frames or less][Day Fifteen: A badass imaginary creature.][Day Sixteen: Childhood hero][Day Seventeen: Your city][Day Eighteen: Favorite villain][Day Nineteen: Wildcard, draw whatever you want][Day Twenty:Two people you are tagging!]

Day One

Left to Right: Sketchbook. Bag of pens, pencils, squodgy erasers and ink. (Vintage 2002, held together with ductape and cussedness.) SECRET MESSAGE. Hair clip. Cherry chapstick. Headphones (They double as earmuffs! Great for ignoring rubberneckers when you sketch at the museum/zoo/aquarium/sculpture park.) KILLERS OF PAIN. Fingernail armor. Sunglasses. Flash drive. Keys. Hello Kitty cell charm from idiot machine at Hiroshima train station. Truly terrible cellphone. Odile the Ipod. Canadian and Italian stamps. Museo del Prado fan. Tiniest green umbrella on earth. Butterfly Wallet! (♥ Haters to the left.) Pasty white Seattleite sunscreen.