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2012-02-28 07:49 pm

Drive By Fanart!

Antonia Stark and Lady Thor mock covers from last semester! )
The Plan is to do a whole series, with official looking barcodes and snarky logos and whatnot and then, carry them around lovingly at Wiscon? Take them to Zinefest? Paper my apartment walls? Something. Unpictured, Lady Cap, Alexa Luthor and Lady Logan covers. :)
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2011-01-13 02:52 am
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Queen of the endless sentence


Also I live in Chicago now. This school seems to involve a lot of vodka and sleeplessness, but also a lot of kicking ass and taking names and moderately terrible rock shows and studio time and coffee with unsafe caffeine content. I regret nothing, except the 2/3 of a country that now sits between my sisters [personal profile] oui_je_danse, [personal profile] 4ti3k4t35 and I. They have decided to shack up in my absence and are surely having ALL THE FUN and gossiping behind my back.

Tomorrowish, a school photo of this year's fandoms, but meantime, the truly obnoxious unicorn I have left in three poor souls' journals with art-to-be attached to it on tiny, invisible strings.


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2010-07-08 09:06 am
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Art Meme!

Everything I've been doing has been portfolio work, so I figured it's time for something I can actually post. Also I procrastinate like a champ. :D (There's some Trek and SGA stuff lurking sullenly too, just as soon as I get my mixed media behemoth finished.)

Twenty Days of Doodles
[Day One: The contents of your bag/purse/manpurse/zombie survival kit] [Day Two: The weirdest place you've ever been][Day Three: Three strangers][Day Four: Five minutes of your day][Day Five: Illustrate a line from a favorite song][Day Six: Your favorite fictional character(s)][Day Seven: a secret][Day Eight: Your latest fascination][Day Nine: Favorite childhood cartoon][Day Ten: Your desert island items][Day Eleven: Predict the future!][Day Twelve: your favorite work of art][Day Thirteen: Self portrait][Day Fourteen: A story, in five frames or less][Day Fifteen: A badass imaginary creature.][Day Sixteen: Childhood hero][Day Seventeen: Your city][Day Eighteen: Favorite villain][Day Nineteen: Wildcard, draw whatever you want][Day Twenty:Two people you are tagging!]

15 Minutes with a felt tip pen )
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2009-09-11 04:30 pm
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In an effort to post instead of just making things and giving them away frantically, Things That I Am Working On!

Trek patterned scarf for the lovely Katie:
websize trekscarf wip

And because no two art projects are unrelated, today's doodle:
spock+yarn bw

Tiny!Spock is never not fun to draw. <3