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2011-01-13 02:52 am
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Queen of the endless sentence


Also I live in Chicago now. This school seems to involve a lot of vodka and sleeplessness, but also a lot of kicking ass and taking names and moderately terrible rock shows and studio time and coffee with unsafe caffeine content. I regret nothing, except the 2/3 of a country that now sits between my sisters [personal profile] oui_je_danse, [personal profile] 4ti3k4t35 and I. They have decided to shack up in my absence and are surely having ALL THE FUN and gossiping behind my back.

Tomorrowish, a school photo of this year's fandoms, but meantime, the truly obnoxious unicorn I have left in three poor souls' journals with art-to-be attached to it on tiny, invisible strings.


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2010-07-08 09:06 am
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Art Meme!

Everything I've been doing has been portfolio work, so I figured it's time for something I can actually post. Also I procrastinate like a champ. :D (There's some Trek and SGA stuff lurking sullenly too, just as soon as I get my mixed media behemoth finished.)

Twenty Days of Doodles
[Day One: The contents of your bag/purse/manpurse/zombie survival kit] [Day Two: The weirdest place you've ever been][Day Three: Three strangers][Day Four: Five minutes of your day][Day Five: Illustrate a line from a favorite song][Day Six: Your favorite fictional character(s)][Day Seven: a secret][Day Eight: Your latest fascination][Day Nine: Favorite childhood cartoon][Day Ten: Your desert island items][Day Eleven: Predict the future!][Day Twelve: your favorite work of art][Day Thirteen: Self portrait][Day Fourteen: A story, in five frames or less][Day Fifteen: A badass imaginary creature.][Day Sixteen: Childhood hero][Day Seventeen: Your city][Day Eighteen: Favorite villain][Day Nineteen: Wildcard, draw whatever you want][Day Twenty:Two people you are tagging!]

15 Minutes with a felt tip pen )
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2009-09-11 04:30 pm
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In an effort to post instead of just making things and giving them away frantically, Things That I Am Working On!

Trek patterned scarf for the lovely Katie:
websize trekscarf wip

And because no two art projects are unrelated, today's doodle:
spock+yarn bw

Tiny!Spock is never not fun to draw. <3